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Celebrate Customer Experience at the European Customer Centricity Awards 2020

Aktualisiert: 2. Juni 2020

Exchange with peers, learn from the best CX experts in europe and take the chance to present your initiatives for better customer experience. That all can be done at the European Customer Centricity Awards 2020, one of the largest CX events in Europe - this year as an virtual online event due to Covid-19.

The Virtual Loop team Kerstin Riedl and Bernhard Rathmayr participated at the International Customer Experience Awards 2018 in Amsterdam. Together with Michael Kickinger – at that time Senior Vice President Customer Service – they won the two categories Best Digital Strategy and Contact Centre for their initiative Messaging as contact channel for best customer experience.

Beside the chance to receive an award, the exchange with other CX enthusiats and the possibility to learn from others is a great opportunity. We can definitely recommend to you to use this event to push customer experience in your organsation and your industry. The European Customer Centricity Awards 2020 will also offer interesting virtual keynotes and case studies in its conference.

When it comes to set the customers into the focus of our business we still can learn a lot in Europe. Unfortunately there are still a lot of brands which have not recognised the value of great experiences in the customer and also the employee journey, yet. A good user experience reduces churn and creates loyal customers. It seems like a no-brainer that this link helps companies to increase revenues and reach their business goals. But a lot of organisations need support in finding the right measures to use this link and to enhance their user and customer experience. Find out how Virtual Loop can help you to find the right strategy for your digital customer journey. We look forward to discussing the next steps for you and your team – contact us today!

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